Importance Of Self Hosted Websites

Nowadays there are many hosts’ websites available which give us the free servers to host your websites. There are two types of websites are there,

1. Free hosted website
2. Self-hosted Website

Free Hosted websites are the websites which are controlled by the free service providers such as, etc. this kind of hosts will have limited plugins available. Also, the features for these kinds of hosts are very limited. Just a few clicks and you can change content, samples of the portfolio, create and manage new content and present the progress of your work. If you go for and invest in hosting service, it gives you access to hundreds of plugins which may help you to tune up the Website. You get access to private email ids. Most of the self-hosted plans come with personal email addresses and mailboxes, allowing you to manage and control emails, aliases, forwarders, spam filters and much more.

On the other hand, the self-hosted website has numerous benefits compared to free hosted websites.

1. Blog/ Website Name: you can easily select the name of your website. The Name will look very professional & this can create more traffic to the Blog/ Website. Free hosted Blog/ Websites have their domain, so their name will come in your Blog/ Website link. This can distract the audience.

2. Hundreds of available themes/designs for your blog: Self-hosted website allows you to design your website the way you want. No restrictions on the themes look & adding plugins. Using these kinds of creative themes you can create your website very attractively and interesting.

3. The Self-hosted websites are eligible for Advertising and monetizing. Therefore using the self-hosted website you can make money after creating the Advertisement. Whereas the free hosted blogs/ Websites needs a permission from the main domain companies (Such as WordPress, Wix etc.)

4. SEO improvement: Using such self-hosted websites, you can improve the SEO of the google. Which will ultimately lead you to more traffic on the website?

5. You can market your business/ Blogs easily with the help of a self-hosted website. Creating a unique content also may help you to build your online presence through social media. People can share on social networks Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Pinterest which helps to approach a new undiscovered audience that might be interested in your portfolio.

6. Storage: using free hosted websites you will get a limited amount of storage (3GB in Whereas in the self-hosted website you can increase the storage space. Also, buy new storage if your storage is full