Refund Policy

In the event of failure to resolve even a single technical issue within first 15 days of the subscription, Up Brisk shall refund the full subscription amount to the user. However, if there is one or more technical issues that have been resolved within first 15 days of the subscription, subscription amount will not be refundable to the user. Notwithstanding this, Up Brisk, on a case to case basis, at its sole discretion, may refund the subscription fee after deducting certain servicing charges.

For instant or one-time plans, refund shall be issued only if the user had all the prerequisites which were required to resolve the technical problem, and the issue was not resolved till the subscription was active. If the technical issue is completely out of scope for one-time plan, Up Brisk will refund the subscription fee to the user. The user will get the refund if the technical issue recurs within 15 days of the last service provided by Up Brisk technician.