All about the Amazon Alexa App:

One of latest offerings by Amazon, the Amazon Alexa functions as a virtual assistant and helps the user to do all the work that is usually associated with routine office work. The assistance offered by Alexa is not restricted to only office work but also provides information and answers related to general queries like weather and traffic. To be able to avail all the features of the Amazon Alexa, the user can easily download the Alexa App from the Google Play store, the Windows App store, or the Apple App Store. The downloading can be done on the smartphone or the Tablet. The user can easily download the latest version of the app that is updated with innumerable features that enables all the unique skills that the Alexa device is equipped with. Some of the special features of the Amazon Alexa include:
  • The Amazon Alexa can be used to make calls, however, the user needs to give permission to the Amazon Alexa app.
  • It is equipped with smart plugs which makes it compatible with the various other devices.
  • By enabling the Smart Skill facility on the Alexa device after downloading the app, the user can check out various programs that are trending on the internet.
  • You can be always alert of the to-do list so that you do not miss out on any important things to be done.
  • You can check out your shopping list when going shopping so you don’t forget to buy anything that might be needed.
  • Setting up the timer, or a specific voice alarm are some of the other facilities.
    Setup a song to be heard later, from the Amazon Music Library.
  • It is possible to sync the Pandora, iHeartRadio account with that of the Alexa account.

Setup of the Amazon Alexa

  1. First, the user must download the Amazon Alexa App on the device and then Run the setup. Connect the Smartphone or the tablet to the Wireless Network : Amazon-XXX. and then follow the steps that appear on the Alexa App Screen. This is the basic operation that the user needs to do before the Alexa App can perform all the functions that it is equipped with.
  2. If you are unable to complete the setup of the Alexa App for some reason, then the user needs to cross check a few factors like:
  3. Ensure that the correct combination of the name or security key of the Wireless Network. Since passwords are case sensitive, the accurate combination must be entered.
  4. The Alexa App sometimes supports only the 2.4 GHz mode or the 11 Wireless Channel. This needs to be cross-checked and ensured.
  5. Some skills can be enabled on the Alexa Device by connecting to Compatible devices available at Amazon. Some of these devices that are compatible with the Alexa Device include:

A word of caution here is that when you buy the above devices ensure their compatibility with the Alexa App by checking with Amazon.

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