Though Alexa is a highly advanced device and a highly smart device, it usually functions without any hassles or need for assistance. However, all the information regarding Alexa Setup is available in their website, which is explained in detail. A device developed by Amazon, the Amazon Alexa or the more commonly known as simply Alexa, is a virtual assistant that completes all the commands that are voiced before it. Its assistance extends to voice recognition of commands, voice interactions, setting of alarms, music playback and all the work that are usually required to be done on a daily routine at the work place. The weather and traffic status updates are also provided by the Alexa, besides latest news and current issues, which are all issued real time.

A highly innovative and advanced device, the Alexa is usually functional in all situations, however, there may be some situations in which the device might falter and become non-functional. Since this is not the usual case, the user might become confused and not be able to solve the problem. This is where, the user can take the help of the highly efficient and dedicated team of Amazon Alexa Support Team. However, there are a few steps that the user can follow to overcome the problem before calling the support staff or the experts for help. The solutions are:

Amazon Alexa

Steps to Setup the Amazon Echo Device:

The Dot Setup

How to get the Amazon Alexa Support Number?

The Amazon Alexa is a device which is Unique Artificial Intelligence. Being highly multi-functional, there are many functions that the Amazon Alexa which ranges from playing your favorite music to controlling the thermostat and the various other buttons on the various smart devices in the house. To use the Echo device effectively, it is best to subscribe to either Amazon Music or Prime. Wireless Speakers can be attached to the device if you want the music to be played for others too.

Avail Amazon Echo Technical Support

In the instance of facing issues with the setup of the Amazon Alexa, it is advised that the user may call the Alexa customer support number given on the website. The Alexa tech support phone number can also be searched on the search engines. For any specific technical problems, the user can also search for Alexa technical support. The user can also get the Alexa phone support from the search engines and call the number for help to solve all the technical issues. At times the technical support offered by the professionals at the Alexa tech support phone number is adequate enough to solve the issues, especially like the setup issues. By calling the Alexa tech support phone number, the user can avail instant help to get the device setup. Some of the issues that the technical support team helps to resolve to include:

Setup and configuration of the Alexa setup.

Troubleshoot all problems with Amazon Alexa Technical Support:

The highly dedicated and effective team available at the Amazon Alexa Technical Support team helps to troubleshoot all the problems faced by the user with the Amazon Alexa device. The troubleshooting is done in the shortest span of lime so that the user does not lose time in using the device. A step by step guidance is offed by the Alexa support Technical Team. Whether it is enabling the bulb or access by the Third Party App, our helpdesk has all answers for all the technical and non-technical issues that may crop up when using the Amazon Alexa device.

Connecting the Echo Device to the Wi-Fi:

The highly effective Alexa Technical Support team helps the user to connect the Echo device to the Wireless connection. But before approaching the team for technical support the user may try out the following procedures:
  • The latest version of the Alexa App that is compatible with the device needs to be downloaded.
  • The app must be opened up from the app drawer.
  • Log into the Amazon Echo account that is the same as the one used when the Alexa Device was purchased from Amazon.
  • Once login is successful, enter the Phone number that is registered on the Alexa Device through which you will make calls.
  • Once the phone number is entered, go to “Settings”, and select the device that you have among the options given which are Echo, Dot or Tap.
  • Press the Continue button.
  • Click Settings on the Home Button of the phone or tab.
  • Under the list of Wi-Fi connections that are available in Settings, click on the one that is the available wireless network.
  • One of the options will be the new and unknown Wireless Network Called Amazon-xxx.
  • The letters xxx stands for the number that is shown on the screen, and since the number is generated by the software, it is unique for each device.
  • Once the connection is successful, the Amazon Alexa will send a voice message to say that the device can now be setup.
  • Once the connection is successful, the Amazon Alexa will send a voice message to say that the device can now be setup.
  • Press the Continue button.
  • Then press the Wireless network is seen on the screen and then press continue.
  • Then enter the Wi-Fi password.
  • A few seconds later the blue light appears to indicate success in setup, after the Echo device updates and saves the details.
  • At this point the Echo is supposed to say that the setup is ready of the echo device, however, if the voice message does not come then contact the Amazon Alexa support team for help.

Why you need help from the Echo Technical Support?

Why you need help from the Echo Technical Support?

Though the user can avail the help of the Echo Technical Support team for any problems, there are a few things that the user can make sure to avoid, and they are: 1. Ensure that the Alexa device is de-registered from the previous owner to your name in case you receive the device as a gift. For any issues in de-registration or re-registration, the user can call up the Amazon Echo technical support phone number. 2. You may call the Amazon Echo Technical support to Get the Correct Password for the Wi-Fi Network and make sure it is the 5 GHz bandwidth or 2.4 GHz. 3. If needed disable the MAC authentication on the Network Wait till the Orange light appears for the Setup. Take the help of Amazon Echo Technical support, to disable the MAC authentication if you do not know how it is done. 4. When the Software is being updated to ensure that the setup remains interrupted 5. Place the Amazon Alexa at least 10 – 12 feet away from the wall to be able to hear your own voice, and the wireless Router near the Echo device, 6. For uninterrupted services so that you can listen to continuous music, it is recommended that you subscribe to the Amazon Music. All problems in getting such subscription are solved by the Amazon Echo technical support phone number.

Features of the Alexa Device:

If any of the above features do not function, then the user may contact the Amazon Alexa Echo Tech support

Setting up of the Alexa Echo device using the PC:

The Alexa device can be initially setup even by using the PC in the absence of the smartphone/tablet and to do so, follow the instructions given below:
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