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Alexa contact , or Amazon Alexa, is a device developed by Amazon which operates as a virtual assistant.


It helps the user in voice recognition, voice interaction, setting alarms, playback of music preparing to-do lists and a host of other services that assist the users in their day to day office work. The Alexa also keeps the user updated on the weather and traffic conditions, news and current issues, updates on sporting events, and provides real-time information. The Alexa is a multi-functional device as it can also function as a home or office automation system.

Though Alexa is a highly advanced device and a highly smart device, it usually functions without any hassles or needs for assistance. However, all the information regarding Alexa Setup is available in their website, which is explained in detail.

Hassle-free Alexa Setup Procedures:

The Alexa Setup is a very simple process and can be completed in just a few steps that include:

A complete step-by-step procedure is provided on the website The user can just follow the instruction provided and get the setup done successfully.

The following procedures will help the user in the Alexa Setup.

Alternatively, the user can also download the app from the website and follow instructions for a successful setup. To setup the Alexa device in the Alexa App, the procedures involved similar to those for the download and setup and so the above procedures can be followed.
Once it is connected to the Wi-Fi, using one of the above methods, the users may enjoy all the facilities provided by the device. How to Download the Alexa App? In the absence of a smartphone or a tablet, the user can Download the Alexa app and enjoy all the services offered by the Alexa device.
  •  Visit The Amazon Alexa website
  •  Log on to your Amazon account and if you do not have an account, just create an Amazon Account and log on to it.
  • Find Settings in the Home Page
  • Find the Option to Setup a New Device
  • Select the device that you wish to setup, like the Alexa echo, the Amazon Echo Dot, the Alexa Tap or any other.
  •  If you need more assistance, it is all offered on the website

Once the download is complete the user must follow the steps given below for a successful Alexa Setup:

Select a language from the given options which are English US, English UK, and German

To initiate the setup of the device, whether it is the Echo, the Dot or the Tap, ensure that the five Orange lights are functional and lit. Usually, when fixing it for the first time, it gets lit up immediately after the device is plugged in. In the instance of the light not burning, the Action button must be pressed and held for five seconds. The Action button is located on the top of the device as a single dot in the middle. The absence of the orange light on the Alexa Tap indicates that the Wi-Fi button or the Bluetooth button should be pressed and held. The two buttons may be found behind or below the Alexa device.

Once the Alexa gets activated and shows the message “Now in setup mode” which means that the Alexa device is now ready to be setup. To complete the setup, the procedures given below need to be followed:

The Device must be connected to the Wireless network which is provided by the Amazon Echo, the Amazon Dot or the Alexa Tap. The Wireless network, likely to be referred to as “Amazon-xxx” needs to have the last three digits filled in to be activated. The three digits usually differ and are unique. Once the connection is completed, the message confirming the connection shows up which says “You’ve connected to Echo. Go ahead and finish the setup in the Alexa app.”

The Dot Setup

Amazon Alexa Tap Setup
For the Alexa Tap setup, follow the steps given below:

  • Return to the Alexa App
  • Check out the complete list of Wireless networks that are available.
  • Select the Wireless Network that is available
  • Enter the Security password for the wireless when it is asked.
  • Once the password is accepted the device will show up a message that the network is ready
  • The orange light is put out.

Amazon Alexa Echo Setup:

The procedure of the setup of the Amazon Echo is almost similar to the above as all of the above instructions would help you to a successful Amazon Alexa Echo Setup. However, if for any reason, the setup remains incomplete or the user finds it difficult, the highly efficient and effective Technical Support team is always ready to take the call for help.
Alternatively, the user can also complete the Echo Setup process by downloading the Alexa App, available at the Play Store.

Echo Dot Setup

All the above instruction again will help the user to complete the Echo Dot Setup successfully. If due to some reason, the Echo Dot Setup does not happen then the user can call our expert technicians to help the user in the Echo Dot Setup.

Echo Tap Setup:

It needs just a few simple steps to successfully complete the Echo Tap Setup. These steps can be followed as it is given in the instruction manual, or the user may call up our Support team to avail help and assistance in the Echo Tap Setup. It is better to call up the expert technician if the user is not so skilled technically. It makes the Alexa Setup simpler and hassle-free to call the technician and avail the support offered by them. To call the experts, our Toll-free number helps to avail instant access

Go to Support +1-855-300-2766

Alexa Setup

Given below are a few guidelines that the user can follow to ensure the Alexa Setup:

  • The Alexa App needs to be download from the Play store.
  • An Amazon Account must be created
  • The user must log in into the created Amazon account
  • Next, connect to the Amazon Wi-Fi
  • Next, there are instruction displayed on the screen which must be followed
  • Thus the Alexa Setup is complete.

Setup of Alexa

Before the Amazon Echo is setup, it is better to know and understand what the functional properties of the device are. To know more about the device, the following FAQs can explain.

The Amazon is a device that functions as a wireless speaker and which is portable and plays music as per the commands put forward to it by the user. It works via the internet only on voice command.
The Amazon is a device that functions as a wireless speaker and which is portable and plays music as per the commands put forward to it by the user. It works via the internet only on voice command.
No, in case you don’t have a smartphone, the web app can be downloaded through which the setup can be completed.
Yes, to connect to the Amazon Echo, it is mandatory that the Wi-Fi is available and a high-speed internet connection.
Follow the steps given below for successful setup of the Amazon Echo.

the question, Alexa is ready to use.

Now we are on the final Step, Let’s do some tests. Say, ”Alexa, what’s the weather outside”.

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